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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

I'm happy to report that I'm joining the land of living and able to eat again. Sorta. I finally stopped chucking it up on a continual basis a couple weeks ago, and I"m slowly becoming reacquainted with foods other than toast, plain noodles and mashed potato (all ok to throw up.)

We ate nasty junky type food through the christmas period, and capped it off with a new year's eve extravaganza of standing rib roast, which we'd dry aged for 4 days (and, admittedly was an over the top choice for two diners) and $30 worth of leonidas chocolates (worth every single penny and more).

We are back to trying to eat more normally. I'm trying to keep myself from insane swings of extreme hunger. My standby snack choice is ryvitas with homemade garlicky hummus. But, often I have to resort to other things as mood strikes me (anything pickle-y is going down a treat right now). The baby seems to also enjoy very super spicy curries at the moment. MMMMMMM.... Oh, and samboy's atomic tomato chips (which lucky for my arse are not available here in the US so I have to rely on my "connections", ie. mother in law, for a fix every now and then.)

That being said, I give you my current hummus recipe:

Cook the tar out of chickpeas in pressure cooker. Throw these (reserve cooking water), the juice of several lemons, some cloves of garlic, plenty of sea salt, and a good glug of tahini in the food processor and give it a whirl. Add retained cooking liquid to achieve desired consistency. Adjust lemon, salt, or tahini to taste.

Honestly, what little I've been writing online is kept here:

For now, work and continuous freaking out about the fact that we are going to be responsible for another human being come may pretty much takes up all of my time.


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